Abraham Lincoln for The Defense

A novel based on an actual murder trial that so intrigued Lincoln that he was still writing about it five years later. 4.7 out of 5 stars in ratings on Amazon.



A YA novel about family life today and in pre-Civil War Bleeding Kansas. One of five finalists from nearly a thousand entries in the 2010 Young Adult Novel
Discovery Contest by the Gotham Writers Workshop.



Abraham Lincoln in Court & Campaign

A novel based on an actual murder trial. No one doubted Lincoln’s honesty. No one doubted his loyalty to his friends, but what happened when his two core
values collided? Two reporters cover the Lincoln-Douglas debates and investigate rumors Lincoln misled a jury. 4.3 out of 5 stars in ratings on Amazon.





Death Deferred

 Liam Conner is forced to travel to a planet teeming with alien creatures caught up in a culture that of power and aggression where humans rarely live long enough to see the end of the loading dock. Published 2020.





Murder Manhattan Style

Stories from the past to the present set in Manhattan, New York to Manhattan, Kansas with a whistle-stop between.

“Warren Bull is a short story master” — New
York Times best-selling author Nancy Pickard



No Happy Endings

One definition of noir is “no happy ending.” A sucker never gets an even break and dark desires spiral down to disaster. 5 star rating on Amazon



Abraham Lincoln: Seldom Told Stories

As a soldier Lincoln advanced from the rank of captain to the rank of private. When the Republican Party was founded Lincoln was an unlikely candidate. Lincoln was once challenged to a duel and he accepted the challenge.

“Warren Bull…understands the sixteenth president in the way one might know an old friend.” — Ken Kipnis, PhD. Professor of Philosophy, University of Hawaii at Manoa (Emeritus)





“Just Another Day at the Office”  in Read, White and Blue (Whortleberry Press) 2021

“Wish Granting Ltd “- Published in Fifty Flashes  (Whortleberry Press)

“A Lesson” – Published in One Hundred Voices  (Centum Publishing)- also available on

“The Sales Call” – Published at Every Day Fiction 

“Elsinore Noir” – Published in Shhh..Murder (Darkhouse Books)

“Newton’s Laws” – Published in Mystery Weekly  (the Amazon print link is here)

“The Thanksgiving War: Thanksgiving Mystery Short Story ” – Published by KingsRiverLifeMagazine

The Girl, the Coal Mine & the Devil” – Published  in Hidden Youth (Crossed Genres)

The Wall” – Published in We’ve Been Trumped

“The Wolf in Winter” – Published in Strange Mysteries 7(Whortleberry Press)

“A Christmas Journey”  – Published in Black Coffee (Darkhouse Books) 

“Killer Eulogy” – Published in Black Coffee (Darkhouse Books) 

“When Stinking Aliens Take Over Your Planet” – Published in Strange Mysteries 6(Whortleberry Press)

“The Interview” – Published in Flash Bang Mysteries (October 2015, Cover Story & Editors’ Choice Story)

“Wrestling With the Noon-time Demon” – Published in Destination: Mystery (Darkhouse Books)

“It’s All in the Timing” – Published in The Killer Wore Cranberry (Untreed Reads)

Worthless” – Published in Strange Lucky Halloween, (Whortleberry Press) Aug 2013

The Mulligan” – Published in Lost Coast Review,  Summer 2013 

Dream Job” – Published in Dandelions of Mars (Whortleberry Press) June 17, 2013

“Snared” – Published in Fish Nets (The Second “Guppies” Anthology)  (Wildside Press) April, 2013

“Luck of the Irish” Published in Strange Lucky Mysteries 5 (Whortleberry Press) March 2013

“First Edition” – Published in Spinetingler Magazine, October, 2012

The Sea was Bored” – Published in Strange Summer Mysteries: A Day at the Beach,  (Whortleberry Press) June 2012

Lucky Streak” – Published in Lost Coast Review, Winter 2012

“The Last Gift from my Father” – Published in Strange Mysteries 4 (Whortleberry Press) January 2012

“The Crime of Edward Palmer”  – Published in Somewhere in Crime (Central Coast Mystery Writers) November 2011

“Click” – Published in Dark Pages- Volume One November 2011

“Say Ahh”  – Published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine , Jan/Feb 2011  (First Place winner in the July/August Mysterious Photograph Contest) 

The Note” – Published in The Lost Coast Review  Fall 2011

Company Policy” – Published in Yellow Mama , issue # 27 August 2011 (Nominated for a Derringer Award)

Beecher’s Bibles”  – Published in Dew on the Kudzu, June 2011 (Award Winner)

The Turkey Hill Affair”  – Published in Fish Tales: The Guppy Anthology, 2011

“Scary Movie”  – Published in Strange Mysteries 3 (Whortleberry Press) 2011

“Peacemaker”  – Published in Strange Mysteries 2 (Whortleberry Press) 2010

“Reader of Dreams”  – Published in Strange Mysteries  (Whortleberry Press) 2009

“Ricky’s House” – Published in DownGo Sun, Fall 2008 (second place winner in the Fiction category of the Winter 2007 Missouri Writers’ Guild Awards)

Heidegger’s Cat”  – Published in Medium of Murder (Red Coyote Press) 2008

Hamlet, P.I.: Prince Investigator of Denmark” – Published in Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine March/April 2007

“Funeral Games” – Published in The Back Alley (Online) November 2007

“Riding With the Angel Of Death” Published in Downgo Sun, Spring 2007

“Riding Shotgun”  – Published in DownGo Sun, Spring 2007 

“Murder at the GMMC” – Published in Mysterical-E  Spring 2007 

A Lady of Quality”  – Published in DownGo Sun, September 2006 (Winner, Best Short Story category – 2006 Missouri Writers’ Guild Awards)

“The Last Word”  – Published in the inaugural edition (March, 2006) of the DownGo Sun E-zine portion of the Kansas City Historic Northeast Cultural Arts Commission.

Beecher’s Bibles”  – Published in Manhattan Mysteries March 2006