Abraham Lincoln in Court & Campaign

No one doubted Abraham Lincoln’s honesty. No one doubted his loyalty to his friends. But what happened when his two core values collided? Rumors swirl that to save the son of his oldest friend from hanging Lincoln falsified evidence and suborned perjury. The contest for a senate seat from Illinois electrifies the nation and illuminates smoldering conflicts that will soon explode into the Civil War, the bloodiest war in American history. Two reporters, one a slaveholder and the other an abolitionist, cover the Lincoln-Douglas debates. These two very different men come across allegations of Lincoln’s wrongdoing and start an investigation that will yield a glimpse into the heart and soul of Abraham Lincoln.

To quote Abraham Lincoln after he lost a Senate race to Steven A. Douglas, “I feel like the little boy who stubbed his toe. I’m too old to cry and it hurts too much to laugh.”

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“Abraham Lincoln in Courtroom and Campaign is the finest late-1850s period historical fiction I have ever read… you can almost taste the dust of the roads, go looking for a fan because of the heat of the summer and early fall, marvel at Mr. Lincoln’s immense size compared to most men of his day, and feel the tension in the courtroom and the country as the Civil War inexorably approaches. Mr. Bull has skillfully woven real history from the Lincoln-Douglas campaign struggles with a fictional murder case showing off Abraham Lincoln’s real courtroom mastery, so seamlessly that if you didn’t know it all didn’t happen at the same time, you just wouldn’t. The descriptive detail is astounding. This is as close as you will ever get to meeting Abraham Lincoln in person, in the midst of his own pre-war world — don’t miss it!”

– Deeann D. Mathews, 
Amazon Reviewer

“Warren’s stories of Lincoln fascinate me because many of the problems he faced dealing a divided congress are similar to those of today. He describes how the lawyer defended a friend’s son who was accused of murder and we see what thorough and clever defender he was as a man seeking justice. The story pulls you along because it is interspersed with detailed accounting of each of the the Lincoln- Douglas senate debates. The reader will see how politics can pull and change a politician who, in a push to win, will lie about his opponent to put him on the defensive. Overall, I highly recommend the book for those interested in civil war conflicts as well as those glued to today’s angry environment.”

Anonymous, Amazon Reviewer